dealspaws - death never looked so cuddly 18" x 24…


This poster is disgusting and disheartening to all those who fight everyday against animal cruelty. Shame on you for selling it!


You are reading far too much into this. The kitten's head should be pointed up with the mouth open to better simulate jaws, but this has nothing to do with cruelty.


@kathleengraf: Wow! You are seeing something here that is ENTIRELY different from what I am seeing. Look again and think of the kitten as being the shark from Jaws. Scary kitty, right?

BTW, we volunteer regularly with our local cat rescue project and our daughter donates grooming services to Animal Control's pet adoption service. I would NEVER post something that I saw as encouraging animal cruelty!


some people look for things to whine about.


@dryboy: I do like that one better. It makes the point that the earlier commenter seems to have missed.


I am guessing that @kathleengraf is referring to the fact that the kitten is under water.... kittens cannot breathe underwater so she feels that it is promoting drowning kittens.


If anything this is human cruelty, as the poster infers something horrible is going to happen to the human by the cute kitty. But of course people like @kathleengraf could care less when cruelty happens to a human.


It does look to me like the kitty is drowning. Just a stupid poster in my opinion and I don't see the point. As stated by another, maybe if the kitten had an open mouth and were pointing upward, this would make sense; otherwise, just pointless. I'm glad one person made the comment about cruelty to animals given the kitten looks as if he/she is drowing. Too bad others decided to jump on the woman's comment in such an aggressive manner. Everyone in this country has the right to an opinion whether you agree or not.


LMAO oh kathleen, thank you, just thank you 100 times over for making my day with your comment that is just so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so SO hilariously stupid :). People like this make mondays that much easier. I have a shirt like this and wear it all the time and get tons of laughs, thank god I wasn't never boo'd or hissed at in public because of the cute kitty. YIKES


C'mon folks. Let's leave @kathleengraf alone. She obviously just didn't get the Jaws reference.


@firewm26: Absolutely, she is free to have and express any opinion she'd like. In the same way, we are free to believe and express that her opinion is ridiculous. You can't hide behind freedom of speech; it goes both ways.


For the peta people. You know how when you watch a scary movie you keep repeating , "it's only a movie." With this poster, just keep repeating, "It's only photoshoped."


On a side note...that has to be the world's smallest couch