dealsjoseph a banks weekender jacket for $29.97


List priced 10 times higher than the real world.
So it is now priced fairly.
Just sayin'


I have been questioning so called "MSRP" prices and believe there is a lot of false advertising. According to law, advertising a false MSRP just so that you can make people believe they are saving a lot of money is illegal. While I do like a lot of the Jos A Banks stuff, I believe their prices to be very inflated, just like other retailers. Our society really is going into the crapper when people have to lie to each other to make a buck.


@greengolf: I always roll my eyes on Banks original prices. I can't believe they ever sell any at those prices and each time I go into their stores it is always a reduction of 50 - 70% off. I thought the 69.95 price may have been legit and now at 29.97 makes it a pretty good price.