dealsamerican express daily wish 11/30 $200…


What exactly IS a daily wish? I have an amex, but I am far too lazy to click on a link to find out. Details. Need DETAILS.


Use your AmEx at Amazon, spend $200 or more and AmEx will give you a credit of $100 on your statement. BUT you have to be on Amazon at a certain time and click on "I want this deal" buttons in order to score the opportunity to get this deal.
They did this last year. Kind of a virtual Black Friday rush through a store's opening doors. Didn't feel like clicking thru myself to try and figure out the rest of the "gotcha." I'll have to dig some more as I use my AmEx for everything--building up those rewards points :)--and we do A LOT of repeat business with Amazon.


$100 credit back is just of many goodies out there for the whole week.
Very exciting indeed.