dealsarduino k000007 arduino starter kit for $104.65


For anyone looking for basic microcontrollers to play around with, Arduinos are generally a good place to start. There are a lot of pre-built breakout boards for them and a decent community with tons of sample code.

As for this kit, I don't know if it's worth paying the $105 for it or simply picking up the an Uno and a couple handfulls of components from a local radioshack or something, but there's a lot of tutorials already on Arduinos homepage.


Usually for my electronic "tech stuff" I go to Parts Express online unless I need something right away. Here is basically the same kit for $99 (every day low price)

They also have just the microcontrollers and any other parts you may want to use for a specific Arduino/electronic needs. They're a lot cheaper than RadioShack too.


I almost choked when I saw $105. These things are NOT worth that much. It's a handful of general parts that are maybe worth $20 and some electronics that are barely fit for an NES. The most expensive thing there is that servo and it's clearly a cheap knock-off of an already cheap HiTec servo you can get for $10 from Tower Hobbies. And holy crap - that stupid little flat-can motor they included. It's like they're laughing at your complete and utter ignorance.

These kits are for people with money burning a hole in their pocket, don't waste your money on this crap. Get a Raspberry Pi($25) and an Adafruit servo driver($15) then go visit Just make sure you avoid all Arduino videos.


If you're genuinely at the "getting started" level, you can spend a lot less to get your feet wet and find out if you like it. Step 1: Get a book like "Getting Started with Arduino 2nd Edition" and a kit like "Make Getting Started with Arduino Kit". You can get them from Radio Shack if you want to start this weekend, or order them online if you need to save a few bucks (but we really are talking just a few bucks -- it's not like the difference in price for HDMI cables between Best Buy and Monoprice!). Step 2: ignore the people telling you that you could source the parts cheaper if you buy them individually. As a beginner, you presumably don't even know what parts you should source! There will be plenty of time for Obscure Independent Supplier Snobbery later, once you decide that this is a hobby you want to pursue.


Some electronic instructors force you to use the official arduino, and not any knock offs.
If you get the knockoffs, they can function very well.
You may have to install the arduino rom manually, as it does not come with the device. Google around/ torrent, whatever it takes.