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I think this is the lowest price I've seen for the full set.


I think it's still slightly cheaper via, but you have a bit of a wait while it ships overseas.. I would guess most have to pay tax at BN too..


@hodakaroadtoad: Yeah, about $3 tax for Michigan. The "downside" of the UK version is you get Philosopher's Stone vs Sorcerer's Stone.


This is a great find! Best price for buying it in the US for sure. I don't think there is any downside to have "Philosopher's Stone"; the only difference is they filmed the section where they say that word twice. I actually sort of like having that one cause it was the original name. But really I have it cause it was uber cheap at around xmas, got it for $47 then.

$5.65 tax here in Seattle (le ugh), but free shipping makes up for it. FYI, this is ~$57 at right now, so not really a huge difference.


@magiclela: I got the UK set preorder deal that was posted in November or something. Paid about $50 shipped.

Just curious why "Philosopher's stone", the author's actual title, is considered a "downside". To me, that's an advantage.

I hadn't seen most of the movies, and we watched them all with the kids (4 & 7). We all enjoyed them.


@tsfisch: That's why I used " ". It's really not a downside to me or a lot of other people. But some people may not even be aware there are two versions. Or people just prefer the version they saw in the theatre/read.


This is a great price! I've been buying the DVDs (old school, I know, but at least I got past VHS and Beta) at the Warner Brothers online store as they go on sale, but their complete Blu-Ray set is still about $80! Good find!


Are there any reasons to hold off on buying this set? I know the series is completed, so that's one reason to go ahead, but are WB planning to release another version with a bazillion special features six months from now or something?

As an aside, I think if movie companies think they're hurting from DVD/Blu-Ray sales, they really should look into the Paradox of Choice - I rarely buy sets nowadays because I have a gut feeling that if I buy one it'll be the one they rushed out the door so they could put out the Super Deluxe Definitive Director's Cut Hyper Fighting Edition a year later.


@skadus: Probably just depends how much more you want? If you're content with the original films and a bit of behind the scenes, then this is for you. If you want Director's/Extended/Gold Plated edition, then I would wait.


@skadus: The super deluxe limited edition collectors extra fantastical sets are due out at the end of 2012 last I heard. Could be worth waiting for those.

@tomval that is for DVDs. This is for blu ray. Blu ray on Amazon US is $80.


@meh3884: I bought two on them from for about $93 shipped. If they come out with a super deluxe limited edition, I'll just hand mine off to one of my friends and buy a new one.


@jsimon926: Yup, that's my plan, too. Though I doubt I'll need one.. I won't be shelling out like $150 for a collectors set that is just the same thing I already have in a shiny box with a serial #. It would have to have some pretty cool extra stuff.


@magiclela: Yeah, I just wasn't sure if there was going to be a newer one or not, which would be one reason to wait.

@meh3884: Ah, cool, I may try to look up more info on it. I just realised I don't tend to watch featurettes and stuff that often, so I may just get this and be happy. Besides, I'd think if they did anything like the LotR Extended Editions they would've announced it by now or released them on some of the previous DVD releases.


I think I paid this price for like the first 6. Sadly I wont be buying this since I ahve the first 6 already, but still... I wish I had waited.


The code didn't work for me.


@jrinkc: Just tried it. Worked for me!


This is information on the coupon code that you can use to get this deal (coupon code A8N7K7X):

15% Off One Item Coupon Details:

This coupon can be redeemed only once per customer per billing address online at BN.COM.

This coupon is valid from December 5, 2011 and expires at 2:59 a.m. Eastern Time March 31, 2012, while supplies last.

The 15% discount will be applied to the most expensive eligible item in the order - not the entire purchase - and will be deducted after all other eligible discounts, including (if applicable) the standard Member discount, are applied.
(more details available when you type the coupon in at checkout and follow the link for more information.)


Using the code X3X8W7N instead of the one given, actually saved me a couple of more dollars.


Knock Knock.

Who's There?

You Know.

You Know Who?



The X3X8W7N code only works with using a VISA card. If you get an error code make sure your VISA number is entered in the credit card information- then it will work.

Maybe I'm too cheap- I still think $59.63 is too much (with sales tax)...but I paid that for the Star Wars set...... gotta think a little.

...but I regret not buying the Lord of the Rings extended edition for $49.99 last Christmas.... what to do?


@lucasatakros: Well if you break the price down, you're only paying $7.45 per blu-ray disc. That's a pretty good deal considering each alone is about $10-$12.


But shouldn't I wait for the super special deluxe goldplated editions coming out later this year?

The one where the Emperor screams NOOOOOO!!! (whoops, wrong series) Then this set will be even cheaper... Won't the extras and several more minutes per movie be worth it. I'll wonder if I wasted my money buying this set...

P.S. the X3X8W7N code is 20% off (when using a VISA card)!