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I ordered one of these from this website for my step-daughter for Christmas. The price then, in November, was only $97 + free s/h. I received hers in the mail and two days later received another one! Someone must have goofed.

Im happy with it as a color e-reader. The app market is pretty lousy/lacking. No Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest or Craigslist apps etc. And a lot of popular apps you get for free on your phone are not available for free in the market. Words with Friends for example is $2.99.

I bought it so I would read more and it helps me do that. Im not a Apple fanboy and refuse to pay $400-500 for a tablet. So I pulled the trigger on this. Other choices would be a Kindle Fire or Google Nexus both for <$200.

Edit: I went on Amazon and bought a case so i can put it in my bookbag without damaging it. Nothing fancy but its one of the cheapest (~$13 shipped) and highest rated. Other cases are $30 even at Walmart.


@cupofworms: The same thing happened to me, I received two of them. A couple weeks after they arrived, I got a call from their customer service, they wanted the second one back. They sent me a prepaid UPS label, I sent it back unopened. If you go to XDA forums you can find out how to root the tablet very very easily. Rooting will install the Google Play Store and a custom launcher. Then you can run any available Android apps right from the Google store. You could also install a custom ROM, but I left it stock with the Holo launcher. That way I can still use the Nook stuff as well as standard Android stuff. Best of both worlds.


Besides rooting, you can make or purchase a Boot Card to run Android with Google Play. You do not need to void your warranty. Just turn on the device with the microSD card with a boot image on it. They can be found on eBay or they are fairly easy to make. Well worth it.


I purchased several of these as Christmas gifts & a friend purchased 2 as well. This is VERY easy to use with the FULL Android marketplace apps using a N2A Card. You can purchase the Micro SD Card with it pre-loaded or download to a Card yourself. I would highly recommed
The website has lots of info & Forums to help you if you need it. Using the N2A Card WILL NOT void your Warranty either & allows you to use the NT in the Nook mode by using a simple Icon. Once you've installed N2A card, full/free Android apps are available.
Back to the works very well, has a great screen clarity, runs well. I would recommend getting a Screen Protector (as it picks up fingerprints quickly on the Screen) and a Case as well - look on Amazon for these. The NT doesn't have any front/rear Camera on it, but if you can live without that, this is a fantastic 7" Color Tablet for the price! They are almost gone @BensOutlet as of 7 am (ET). This is a great tablet at this price point!!


Bens outlet is nothing but trouble... i had an awful experience with them and would never purchase again due to lack of customer service. You cant call them...just an email which maybe they will reply...after you file a complaint with PayPal....