dealsacer a500-10s16u iconia 10.1in 16gb wifi tablet…


Buyers beware! These are all used tablets with some scratches and blemishes. Who knows what condition it will be in. More importantly they all seem to be missing USB Cable, AC Power Cord, AC Power Adapter, and Owners Manual. Some are also missing the Li-ion rechargeable battery. IMO not worth the hassle, id rather get a Nexus.



Cowboom is a reputable company, owned by BestBuy, and they're pretty good with returns.

30 days is enough time to figure out if a used tablet from them is worth the money. Though, it's good to make sure people are aware what they're getting into and that these aren't brand spankin' new.

Also agree that a Nexus would be better, but some might rather have something 10.1 inch with lesser power.


@cupofworms: I appreciate the warning. I bought once from them before and had no idea that I was buying a used product. That said, I was still happy with what I got for what I paid. Good to know what to expect instead of being surprised - fortunately, it ended well.

As for the site, I was overall very happy with my transaction although their packing quality left much to be desired! I was surprised the speakers I bought weren't busted during shipping when they showed up!


I've always been happy with cowboom. Can't beet their prices.


I bought this exact tablet refurbed from another company (don't want to seem like a shill so I won't say which), and I love it. I can't speak for how yours will come, but mine came in almost brand new shape. No scratches on the glass. The description for that one was 'Excellent' though, and it specifically said it came with a charger and usb cable. I paid $229 for mine back in June.


Micro sd capable to use a 64gb sdhc card, plus up to 32gb internal space. Full size USB with host ability. 2 things I believe the nexus 7 doesn't have.
Love my a500, think it's still a valid piece of technology even if there are faster and newer devices out there, these are popping up around this price factory refurb now a days if the cowboom risk is too high for some people.


I have an acer A500, same model as this one. It upgrades to android 4.0 right now. I bought mine new from bestbuy about a year ago. Although I love my tablet, the hell i went through with BestBuy was enough to make me never do business with them again. Great Tablet, not worth dealing with best buy.


This is a pretty good tablet, and the price is hard to beat. If buying a used product scares you, then don't click buy. That being said, I purchased a Galaxy Tab from Cowboom for about $110 a while back. Even though it was used, it came to me without a scratch on it, and all of it's accessories. Honestly, it looked brand new and I have been extremely happy. The trick is to find one that they're selling that includes what you want with the least amount of scuffs.


If you buy one of these that says that the AC power cord is missing, you are going to want to get one.
The A500 doesn't charge through the micro usb port like a lot of android devices. it uses a tiny power adapter that I haven't seen used on any other electronic device.

Here is a link to one on amazon.


Oh man, that stinks. I bought one of these from woot back in January for $300.00...