dealsmp3 songs for $0.69 + free shipping


wow $69 for a single song, that's pretty steep. You might want to edit (if you still can) or delete and repost as the $0.69 per song. @thunderthighs any chance you can help out and edit or ping those who can?


69 cents too much for a one song??? I used to pay .99 cents for a 45 rpm back in the 60s....OK granted, it was two songs.....but most folks didnt play the b sides...


@thunderthighs: I'm pretty sure I tried to put a "." (decimal) before the "69" so either I didn't actually do it or it didn't take. In any case, thanks for fixing (price), tags and inserting the pic (the auto-selected pics weren't indicative of the product).


At last, free shipping for MP3's!


The 12th most popular song on this list is Carrie Underwood's "Jesus Take the Wheel [Clean]" -- I didn't realize there was an explicit version of this song. Probably have to pay a full 99 cents for that one.


@thag13: It started out saying $69 for one song.


"The Distance" by Cake is a good tempo for jogging. Just FYI.