dealsnikon d5100 16 2 mp digital slr w 18 55mm dx vr…


It's a refurb. w/ 90 day warranty. You can buy square trade for 63.99 to get a year ( what a new one comes with)
Still a good deal with that added cost. In fact, I personally wouldn't get it without the full warranty.


I would not buy one of these cameras without knowing what the shutter count it. That is like the mileage on a car and is the most important spec. I am sure the refurb does not include a new sensor, or they would have stated so. That would be a great selling point. So if you buy this, it could have 20,000 actuations (great) or as many as 125,000 actuations (close to end of life)....The price is too close to the new price to take a chance...


I paid $549 for a NEW Nikon D5100 on Newegg last November. It came with a 32GB SD card and 18-55mm lens and free shipping. Love the camera!


Bought it! It's a pretty killer price, these are selling for $450-500 used on CL


Factory refurbs on Adorama are going for 489. 3200 is going for $479, just picked one of those up the other day. Might be an option to others who avoid eBay at all costs....with 3 year Mack/ST warantee its still less than a new one.