dealsstaples turcotte luxura high back managers chair…


Use the 15% off any in-store purchase coupon from the Staples website to bring the price down to ~$42.50. Coupon is good until tomorrow.


I believe that is the one from Black Friday- Same price (49.99) and well worth it. I'm sitting in it right now and my bottom is comfortable.


These chairs look cool, but they never seem to last all that long.

That said, my office is full of them!


true, I had one not to long ago ,it lasted only about 2 years, i never really abussed .. I guess it's poor done ... ...the hidraulyc thing fall apart, won't go up or hold my weight! :D I felt like twice of it:)) so I trew it away last year!


I bought this chair on the Black Friday special for 60$ and have been sitting in it for 10-12 hours a day ever since. It's obviously not the greatest chair but its pretty solid for the price.

I weigh ~260-270lbs, and the rated up to 225lbs is serious. After a month or so, the padding that is directly under my butt has flattened and wont poof back up anymore. Not great but not too awful since the seat is so wide, I don't have hard edges digging into my legs.

Also please note that this chair is not very tolerant of leaning over to the sides, I dropped my phone and when I went to reach it I heard a loud pop, like a screw pulling over a threading. It has a slight wobble and leans to the left a little now.

Overall a comfy durable chair, well worth the price. If it does break down in a year or two like Cata32 says, I say its 50-60$ well spent, and it is still under warranty if I want to bother about it.


Just brought this chair home and installed it. Great deal. Also used the 15% off coupon that fourrayg recommended.


What tools do you need to assemble it?