dealsabraham lincoln: vampire hunter for $2.99…


"Please note: In order to better serve our customers we've made some changes. You must be signed into your account to: add items to your cart, view your wishlist or view past tickets."

You have to register for an account to add something to your cart. That's just silly.


This is the first book I paid full price for on my Kindle. It was great. Can't say anything about the quality of the print version, but the book is a really fun read.


best price I've seen on this book. Does anyone know the price of shipping? It would not let me see without creating an account.


Whenever I first picked up a copy, the after-tax cost was $18.65. I know this is cheaper, but it won't result in the final checkout surprise that I was able to experience.

As far as the book goes, it's average at best. It's not a great parody of Lincoln biographies, and it's a subpar book in general. It's much better suited for film than it is print. At this price it's worth a buy, but don't expect anything particularly fantastic. It has a few enjoyable moments, but don't get your hopes up.


@conanthelibrarian: Shipping cost (at least for me) was $6.40. Kind of a buzzkill.


@jethroop369: thanks! a lot of people will appreciate the info.!


Looks like an email marketing scam to me.



I hate biographies and I picked up this book because I love vampires (bleh Twilight); this book was essentially a biography of Lincoln's life with vampires interjected. Although I am a fast reader and read books all the time, I found this book pretty boring and struggled through it.

There were some interesting scenes, but if you are not into history, like myself, this book is probably not for you.


AMAZING book. Just finished it. Very well done. I was pleasantly surprised.


shipping cost to flyover country, USA
Standard Shipping - Cost: $6.40 UPS 2nd Day - Cost: $22.11 Priority Shipping - Cost: $9.79 UPS Ground - Cost: $12.35


Also check out "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies".


@chris12345: They are afraid that we will walk out of the store without paying. Wonder if they will make an exception if I lock my backpack in my bathroom.


According to their site:
"Standard Shipping takes 1 to 4 weeks in the United States with the exception of Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, which can take up to 6 weeks."

For $6.40, 1-4 weeks isn't that acceptable in my book. Also, if you have a Prime membership, you can get the exact same book on your front door from Amazon in 2 days for only $5.60, which is less than the shipping cost from this deal.


Shipping to Texas was 6.79. Way too much. No deal for me.


@djalliduck: + 1 I could only make it through 50 pages. Love horror, love history. Its the "Snakes on a Plane" of books.


While we're talking books, can I recommend Pretty similar selection to most new bookstores, but all used stuff. Country wide inventories - you can get a ton of titles for under $3, shipped. My favorite.


Rather expensive shipping, and you MUST create an account to buy from them? Nah. Not my cup of tea.


@chris12345: Uh hello! Earth to chris12345. It's to "better serve our customers." McFly! ;o)


C'mom - Lincoln as a Vampire slayer? I think a cooler story would be Obama as a Vampire! Or George W as a werewolf! Romney Zombie!


Wish I checked out shipping before upvoting. Not so much a deal anymore.


I read Bill O'Reilly's book, The Killing of Lincoln; and the following week I read Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter. As I was reading AL: Vampire Hunter, I thought to myself, self, why am I reading this stupid book?? Ten pages in, I was hooked! I only hope the movie is as good.


Up-voting only because of Woot's description.


@gabesmalley: Thanks for the link. There are several books on there for under $4 with free shipping by some of my favorite authors.


Silly, $6.40 shipping is no fun at all, that's more than twice the price of the book itself.


What no eBook? What is this thing they call "paperback"?


Standard shipping is $6.40 to Virginia. :( In for 0. I think I'll just add the Amazon one to my wishlist...


@wafflesmcgee: $6.40 for shipping? You mean when if I'm patient they'll deliver all the pictures to my retina for like $10? No way!