dealslemon sorbet roses (12 stems & free vase) for $29…


Shipping is $12.99 for Tuesday - Friday delivery, $27.98 for Saturday delivery.


Granted, Overnight shipping is spendy- they actually don't charge that much for it, But this ends up being a bunch of money....


Support your local florist. You will get a much better product.


@rustybender: This is not a deal when you factor in shipping, and compare to a local florist.


and the fact that shipment is in a very un-romantic FedEx box where the receiver has to put it all together. Joy! Agree, never go wrong with a local florist, that you could always talk sh!t to if something goes wrong.


Flower sites are notoriously the worst when it comes to heinous delivery charges. Most of them don't even hand deliver as a bouquet to justify their charges. They're delivered in a box for the recipient to open and arrange themselves.

Only infomercials are worse with the shipping & 'handling' upcharges..and that's debatable.


Have to agree with going with the local florist


My biggest gripe beyond the whole "recipient must assemble themselves" is the insane amount of spam I started receiving from them the one time I used them. And not just from them but from about a dozen subsidiary companies. It was constant and I was forced to opt out of each of them separately. I have never in my life seen so much junk mail result from a single order.


Go to Costco, much better deal for a dozen roses, fresh and no shipping.