dealslenovo speaker m0520 for $8.99 + free shipping


FYI: This coupon code does not work.

The site says: "Coupon USP1N416360 not valid for current shopping cart."


Deal worked fine for me last night. It did Not work on the red speakers, but it worked fine for the black speakers. I used the Ebates link and was able to get another 6% off of my final total with FREE shipping. Great deal!


I just ordered a 2nd pair at 7:30pm CST. This code works fine for the BLACK speakers.


@ debrazebra:

When I copied and pasted the code, it didn't work. I messed around a bit, and figured out it was pasting in a space at the end. When I took the space out, voila, it worked. Might be the same for you.


@ever-on49: This is something everyone should keep in mind. It's called a trailing space. Generally, folks don't notice them but they often break copy/pasting coupon codes.


Great deal, had no trouble with the code, even used my amazon checkout!!!


Just received my speakers, they sound awesome. Great deal, thanks.


I believe they changed the deal. The speakers are coming up $12.99 and the coupon definitely does not work. It was good while it lasted :-)