deals80 piece rotary tool kit for $8.29


I've got one of these I picked up about 2 years ago. Not a Dremel, but for the price it's held up pretty well, and I was abusing it when I first bought it.


coupon code 43280812 gives 25% off = $7.87


14 plus bucks delivered - I'll wait and buy it in store . . . hate paying as much or more than the product cost for shipping . . .


This rotatory tool is highly underpowered. If you are looking for a cheep rotatory I recommend getting the Black & Decker RTX-B, it can be found from $20-30 and it is as powerful as most Dremels.


actually the tool and bit set isn't a bad deal if you own a dremel


I agree with under powered. Reminded me of trying to use a cordless drill when the battery was almost dead. As soon as it meets resistance, it stops spinning.


I have owned these before and they are terribly underpowered.

I buy these for the attachments for use with my Dremel.


VERY under powered, power unit is not worth anything.


this set got pretty bad reviews on HF. weak power from the tool, unbalanced accessories.


Not a bad option for sanding off those rough spots on your feet or sanding down your pet's nails. You won't put an edge on a lawn mower blade with this, but if you need low-noise, detail work this fits the bill well.


Bought this in store. Save your money, it's extremely under powered. I imagine that this is simply a re-purposed cheapie nail file or something.

A low end Dremel costs $30. A 75 piece Dremel accessory kit costs like $15. So, you're not coming up on cheap accessories for your Dremel either.