dealskohl's 20% off everything in-store & online


I like Kohl's selection, but its one of those stores that always is having a sale so you have to wonder if it really is a sale.


@mhodges: Like JCPenney used to be? Well, JCP changed, and look at how that went over. Just sayin'.

Good coupon, thanks!


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Kohls seems to have jacked up their retail prices even more lately.


I priced soda-stream concentrate the day before my 30% coupon was to be valid, $4.99. Went back the next day, $6 and change, so their sale is not really much of a sale (price went back down after the sale event).


It's the same, old story:
Jack up the prices weeks before a sale, then throw in a coupon to get it at the same price
that it was a month ago.


About the sale/coupon thing: Yeah, you're definitely right. It's so ridiculous it's insulting to your intelligence. Everything has ridiculously high retail prices that no one in their right mind would ever pay and then the receipt says, "You saved $80 shopping at Kohls!"

That said, I still shop there. Like you said, selection is good and "sale" prices are reasonable. But boy, be careful not to get trip up and accidentally buy something not on sale. Got to the checkout there once with a 4-pack if Hanes boxer briefs: $32. $8 a pair! That's 3 times as much as Walmart's regular price! Did not buy.


I actually could not stack the 20% off coupon with the free shipping $50+ coupon. It won't allow it.


I like Kohls. When they really put something on sale, it's a great deal.

More importantly, one of the few stores that still has a customer friendly return policy. Eff you Target, you no-return Nazis.


Same as most any retailer, a sale on jacked up prices. Like their trying to make a profit or something.

That said, I only buy there if I can get 20% off, thanks. They have a nice selection of Big and Fat clothes at decent prices and most coupons work on actual clearance items. I bought a nice Croft and Barrow shirt for $3 last sale. Ugliest color I've ever worn but it's cotton.