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Great show.

It is worth mentioning a series in most European television shows are only 6 episodes long. With this most their series sell for a cheaper price. Personally I do not think it is that good of a deal (still an amazing show though).

Also I think this is on netflix.


I have to agree with @explosiveegg... This is not at all a great deal. You are paying too much for only six episodes. This is a great show that all techs should watch, or anyone who wants a good laugh. There are cheaper ways to watch this amazingly funny TV series that ended prematurely.


@explosiveegg: You are correct about this show being on Netflix, however, not everyone has that service. Sometimes a DVD is the only option available.

But I do love this show, as a PC Tech this is a series where I understand nearly all of the humor and inside jokes.


@lordofall200: It is what it is. Nothing more, nothing less.


Okay, even I don't know what the hell that means.


Also for the fans of this show. It is great to mention that this show tried to makes its way to America, it got so far as a pilot being produced.

PS, it is really bad and I am glad it didnt air.


@explosiveegg: Why do they need to remake shows before showing them on US television? Just show the original! Public Television is about the only place you can see the original versions of a very small subset of TV programs that weren't made in the USA. (And unfortunately The IT Crowd isn't the type of comedy that PBS usually goes for).

If you have the IFC channel on your cable system, add "The IT Crowd" to your wish list, though - that's where I first came across the IT Crowd.


Keep an eye out for "Moone Boy" - a new series starring Chris O'Dowd (Roy in the IT Crowd) "inspired by" his childhood in Ireland in the '90s.


@ripwave: I should note that some long lived and well loved tv shows made in the United States were remakes of or inspired by British comedies including SANFORD & SON and THREE'S COMPANY.

As for THE IT CROWD the US version wasn't actually a remake as much as a nearly word for word reshoot of the show with an American cast (except for Richard Ayoade who reprised his role from the original British version).