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I bought this last time it was on here around Christmas time. It's a great gift for Harry Potter fans (like my lady friend) even if they already own a couple of the movies since you are essentially buying eight Blu Rays (not to mention all the special features).

There were no issues with ordering from, and it arrived in MD surprisingly fast.


So even though these are for the uk, I can still order them and they will send them to America? More specifically the midwest.


@adellis: Yes, they will. Only thing that sucks is you don't get the free super saver shipping or prime.


@hackman2007 @adellis: just note that the price i listed takes shipping into account.


Ordered - I was going to send it to my parent's house in England like the last set I ordered from the UK site, but the VAT was more than shipping to the US...


I ordered this last time and one of the movies was missing, and there was an extra movie included.

They left out the first movie "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" and included an extra "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone".



Unfortunately, still not the extended versions....


I ordered this Sept 12th when it was slightly less expensive. Not long afterwards I saw a box on my porch and wondered what it was because I wasn't expecting it for another week....... It was delivered in less than 5 days to Ohio. It was $45.25 with shipping then.


@cyberpenguin: Ha Ha, that's the original title on the UK version for those who don't know!


I bought this from Amazon UK around last Christmas for more than this, but the DVD's where not Region Free as advertised and there was a huge debocile about it and it took a lot of calls and emails to get a partial refund. Buyer beware.