deals8 free movie rentals from blockbuster express


None of these codes worked online for me. Anybody know if they work at the Kiosk?


@aronkim: All Blockbuster Express Free Rental codes are only for $1 rentals, not new released. That may be your problem. Sorry I should of stated that. Also, here is 8 more that expire July 1st at midnight

Code: 93JBHS6
Code: 94RRAP7
Code: 92CMEA2
Code: 73MLBJ6
Code: 35AEMR4
Code: 46MDEB9
Code: 86ZGDB4
Code: 56EHJR7


Blockbuster is a day late, dollar short, and please pass the mayonaise.

Long live Redbox.


Coupon works if you can find a kiosk near you! (Cause I can't!)


What is it with people and the whole "ohh my choice is better then yours, skrew your choice". Stupidity really. I mean im not a huge BB fan but DAMN if I can get 8 free freakin movies then why the hell would I not use it? Ohh wait, I forgot, its cuz BB is a day late and a dollar short. STUUUUUPIIIIID. Not to mention how is is it a dollar short if its free? MY GOD MAN, GET A FREAKIN LIFE!


AMEN! What is it with having to be RUDE about a freebie that someone took the time to offer to you? Why is it that on the internet the general behavior is to be as rude and/or mean as possible? What happened to "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all"? Do we just forget about MANNERS and act as awfully as we can just because we are not looking someone in the eye and they cannot call our mothers to tell them how horrible our behavior is?

THANK YOU for this post with the codes to rent the movies for free. I appreciate the time that you took out of your busy life to share this with us. I am very sorry for the atrocious manners of others.


Amen , the internet gives people the balls that william wallace had. No respect....


So wait, I just take these codes to a Blockbuster Kiosk and free movie rentals? I'm not familiar with how the kiosks work.


@dylankilledtupac: Yes, or you can go to, pick the movie you want, and use the code their on checkout and then just show up to the kiosk and pick it up


The codes work, free movies, can't complain. Thanks for sharing!