deals6" cold cut combo or meatball marinara for $2.00


Would it be a good assumption that December is Subway's slowest month, so they call it Customer Appreciation Month and offer a deal to drum up sales?

Lots of holiday leftovers around, so less reason to eat out. Also, a lot of people take time off during the last couple weeks of December, so maybe Subway's usual lunchtime crowd is smaller.


Just something interesting I came across recently:

You can calculate the nutrition information for your sandwich (obviously it varies a little based on who makes your sandwich) at that page. I was surprised at how easy it is to make a sandwich with >>1000 calories (especially if you like footlongs).


@geognerd: Actually, I'd be more inclined to think just the opposite.
Lots of holiday parties and small get-togethers that picking up a variety of subs and cutting them up into smaller serving sizes is quick and easy. Stopping to grab subs for lunch or dinner becuase everybody is too busy shopping, decorating, visiting, traveling, etc to cook. And, with several big meals within a pretty short period of time, I think a lot of families do go for something like this for meals more often than normal because they get enough full meals otherwise.


@geognerd: You missed it. Subway Customer Appreciation Month: SCAM

Either way, I'm going to pound these back for lunch many times this month. Thanks OP.

I notice they have these 2 sandwiches for $2 roughly once every three months.


is it safe to say that a footlong of one of these sandwiches is 4 dollars? will you have to buy two separate 6 inches if not?


they appreciate their customers with their two grossest subs :D (I'm probably still gonna buy em cuz they beat McD when I'm on the road)


Meatball sandwich for $2 or a poke in the eye.? Uh, meatball it is...


@doodude: if the sandwich already went cold that poke in the eye sounds mighty tempting xD lol


Well, it's no Lenny's Jersey Mikes, or Blimpie. . . but in the relm of chain "sub" shops: A meatball sub is a meatball sub.


@shiranissosexy: I have yet to be forced into buying two separate 6" instead of one footlong whenever they run a special like this. It's slightly less work for the employee and same amount of material out of their pocket.

@dpwellman: ehhh. Subway is, by far, the worst chain sub shop. But I must say, a meatball sub at any chain isn't anything to shout about. Might as well only pay 2 bucks for it.


@kd1357: 1140 in sodium as shown. 1620 sodium on cheddar bread and adding pickles. Wow. Just Wow.


@tarantino: just think if your artist adds salt!

I never did understand the whole idea of diet subs, I am sure Claire Huxtable would agree.

This conversation reminds me of this:

Mr. Hogan: Well, who can say no to 49-cent cheeseburgers?
Carla: Sure, but tack on the cost of medicine, your room, and pumping your stomach, and that 49-cent cheeseburger is gonna run you in the neighborhood of thirteen hundred dollars.
Mr. Hogan: Heh. See, that's how they get you


@tarantino: Right? I was so disgusted when I saw the nutritional info that I'm definitely going to think twice before eating there again. So much for them advertising it as a "healthy meal".


I will eat at least 5 of each of these, this month (or maybe 6 cold cuts and 4 meatballs...we'll see. Thanks for the heads up. Right on time, too - December just got here! The cold cut combo is actually what I'd normally order, if I went to Subway, so this is perfect and the last time they had this deal, I got a couple of the meatballs and was pleasantly surprised at how good they were. Anybody add anything else to their meatballs, other than meatball & cheese? I have them add some peperoncinis to it, which really makes it great. The order takers always ask me what I want on the sandwich, though, like I'd want lettuce and other veggies, which is something I had never considered. Do people dress their meatball sandwiches up with more than just the sauce, balls & cheese (and peperoncinis!)?


Oh and as far as Customer Appreciation Month goes...they have the $2 subs like twice a year, I believe. Last year, if I'm not mistaken, it was in November, not December.


can I order a meatball sub, hold the meatball? those things are GROSS!


@dazoneranger: Sure ! I have them add lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, green peppers, onions - try it ! (sure, include the pepperoncinsis as well) then have as much parmesan as they'll put on (a light dusting, as if it comes out of their pay...).


I got spinach on mine instead of lettuce (Could still taste the bologna)