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I have had OVER a 30% success rate with over a dozen OCZ solid state drives. Hopefully these "high performance" ones have a better record.


@justincredibleg: What do you mean by "success rate" in this case. Are you saying that you've had a lot of DOA drives? If so, how many have you bought?


Hello Wooters! Below is a link that you folks can use for comparison while kicking around the idea of buying this SSD, and you can see it's a great deal. Also, we'll be here all day to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the drive.


@nb109: I have purchased 15 OCZ solid states in the last year for use in my shop. Of those 15 we only have 6 that are still functioning and two of those are showing signs of data corruption. All of the faulty drives either stopped being recognized by the motherboard, caused BSODs or had unacceptable levels of data corruption. These were all used on customer service workstations that see very little hard drive use since most of the work on those machines is in a web client.

The fact that these are cheaper than retail doesn't necessarily mean these are a "great deal" if they are as faulty as the drives I have had.

None of our OCZ drives were this specific version so maybe they have resolved some issues in this one but I will never purchase another OCZ solid state.


Just to add a a differing view, I have two OCZ's (1 Vertex 4 and 1 Vertex 3) in my current laptop, two Vertex 3's in my desktop, and have installed about 10 or so in other laptops in desktops and have yet to encounter failure from any single one of them in the last year and a half or so. I personally have had great luck with them and have been very pleased with the performance.

Mine have been in low use project manager systems, to higher use developers primarily in the case using eclipse for java code, and in one case game design. I do some media work at home and regularly load mine up with work files before I archive to slower disk space.


I'm 0/2 with OCZ SSDs. I switched to Crucial M4 and couldn't be happier.

@protista117 Price doesn't play a big factor for people who have data that they care about... so saying that you put cheap Vertex series SSDs in 'project manager's and developer's systems just means you built PCs for cheapskates. Anyone who requires any level of reliability shouldn't be looking at OCZ for help.


`On the fence on this deal great price Ocz doesn't have the best reliability o ssd, but these claim to enterprise grade.


I've had 2 (well, at this point technically 3) OCZ SSDs. My first SSD was a 60gb first gen vertex, and that was the only one that worked for an extended period of time. A few months ago I picked up a 120gb Vertex 3 that was on sale. After a month or so, it would randomly slow down to the point of OS instability (was the only drive in the system). After a few days of this, it wouldn't be recognized in the BIOS of any system I tried.

RMA'd it, got back a refurb after another month. Tried the refurb, and had the same exact problems right after installation. I'm positive it was a different drive, unless OCZ gives drives different serial numbers after refurbishing them, Either way, ended up getting a small cheap mechanical drive, because now I have a computer without a drive for another month.