dealsfake, of course -- t-shirt


Great shirt, but there are better organizations to support than Komen, which donates less than 10% to actual cancer research.


@zippy the pinhead: I'm a survivor and I want nothing to do with that organization. Good point.


@cbellono and @zippy the pinhead: I certainly can't disagree. My political side urged me not to post this, but the side that loves my MIL remembered the support she received during her breast cancer treatment a couple of years ago. What a shame that this group has lost its way. My deciding factors in posting it were that a.) as zippy said, it IS a great shirt! and, b.) awareness is still a great idea. I only wish the proceeds were going to the American Cancer Society or another great organization.

And cbellono, congratulations on being a survivor! Gee, that sounds lame. I haven't been through breast cancer myself (thank God!) but was my MIL's chauffeur, handholder, and general caregiver when she went through everything at age 80 while also dealing with my FIL's stroke and resultant decline. Tomorrow, at age 82. she is leaving for an Alaskan cruise with her youngest son!