dealscomplete sherlock holmes 3 - dvd set for $3.97


Now, I personally own this and like it. But, it must be said that the video and sound quality are not the best. Also, the production values are what you might expect from a 1950s TV show. If you can get past all that, it is genuinely entertaining in a campy sort of way.


I agree 100%. I have this series, they are campy and good fun. The acting isn't Basil Rathbone but it's not bad for a '50s TV series.

However, this appears to be the Mill Creek release. I've got several of their CD sets, and all of them have terrible video and audio transfer... kind of like that old gradeschool 16mm projector (with the sound that goes WWWOOOooohhhoooOOOooohhh...) and then re-recorded on an '80s vintage VHS camcorder, so the blacks are just fuzzy gray and not really black, and the whites are washed out. (I have since learned my lesson. When I'm looking at a DVD catalog, and I see Mill Creek, I just pass over that product and move on...)

It would be greatly preferable to find these same TV shows transferred by anyone else. But if you're just looking for cheap, and don't care about technical quality, then buy this Mill Creek collection. Pretend it's 1956, and you're watching these on a 7" black-and-white TV, and it won't hurt as much.