dealsthe walking dead: compendium one for $25.00


Pretty sure this is the cheapest I've seen the compendiums.
Compendium One collects issues 1-48
Compendium Two collects issues 49-96
If you like the show, pick these up. The books are a 100 times better.


@wilcononomous: Yup, I agree. I think they've been around $33-35, so $25 seemed like an awesome deal to me.


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I agree, these comics are waaaay better than the show. I just bought the second book, can't wait to get it.


Borrowed this from my local library. Very good book, well worth the 25 if you are going to read through it a few times.

Note: there are differences from the tv show!


Just bought both Compendiums. Sadly Two is out of stock but you can still buy it!


While I agree that this a great deal, from a comic book perspective, the Walking Dead series is not that great IMO. The artwork is decent, but it's in black and white. Most of the characters are there, but they are not that deep. Also Daryl does not exist in the books, which was very disappointing to find out. I found it to lack the more serious and dark tone of the show. The comic books also throw some strange curveballs compared to the show that make it hard to take seriously, and it also gets pretty repetitive.

Worth checking out from your local library though! That's what I did. (Still a good deal though if you want it)


@mstyx: Just curious, how much of the comic have you read? Just asking, because I find the comic to be MUCH darker and serious than the TV show, because most of the stuff that happens in the comic they wouldn't be able to show on the TV show, violent as the show is already. And I don't mean zombie kills. The subject matter gets incredibly dark and gruesome pretty often.


@mstyx: It's generally accepted that the comic is much darker (most definitely is) and is better written (I also agree) than the TV series. I personally think the characters are developed better and are much more appealing to the story. Particularly in that so many stand in a morally ambiguous area it makes them seem so real.

I've read most of the way through the fist compendium and that covers the events of Season 1, 2, and probably half of Season 3 and comparing them side by side and I'd say overall the comic is just a better story. Particularly comparing the events of Season 2 and the comic... that was so drawn out.


awesome!my favorite tv show!


@mstyx: Agreed. I borrowed it from one of my friend and found that the tv show is way better than the book.


Dead deal, its currently priced at $30.


bought both, screaming deal.