dealsbuy 1 rock n’ ride seat cover, receive the 2nd 50…


The 1980s called. It said to pick up some cheap gas while you're there.


Rock N' Ride just sounds like a baby seat for some reason... maybe its just me (for the record, I don't have kids!)


@iamjakex: I thought the same thing before I clicked it and then still asked the same question.

Why would I want two?


These will look bitchin' in my AMC Gremlin.


No car is complete without Li'l Wayne seat covers. I'm just sayin'. Especially at the awesome price of $24.35 each. Boom!


(WOOT DEAL POLICE OFFICER) "You know why I pulled you over, don’t you? That seat cover of yours is way over the posted Awesome Limit around here."

("REAL" POLICE OFFICER) "I pulled you over for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs 'cause anyone driving with seat covers like those in 2011 is obviously impaired or needs a 72 hour psychiatric evaluation!"


GOOD NEWS! You CAN use the 'woot25' coupon code on any item. I tried it on some lighting accessories, and the shopping cart honored the 25% off. It's not buy 1 - get one 50% off... but it does give you a great 25% off.


@basileverstar: The 80's called? What an amazing opportunity to do some good. I certainly hope while you had them on the phone you remembered to warn them about the Japan and Indian Ocean Tsunamis, 9/11, Deep Water Horizon, the Haiti earthquake, and whatever other disasters you could think of. You will be a hero!

What? You just made fun of their seat covers? Eh, good enough.


@wootcompare: thanks! used it on a tire inflator. knocked the price down enough to make shipping $0.06


@rustybender: I was tempted to downvote you almost. But the Eh, Good enough made me chuckle. Enjoy it, I'm pretty sure you won't get many.


Ok, now I'm feeling a little embarrassed. When I saw this deal, I was like "OMG, this is AWESOME! It would be so cool to ride around with these in my Vibe". Then I read the comments so far, and I realize that I'm getting old. :-\ (But I am still considering a can't figure out which one to get!)


@myfester good news, the deal is for 2 sets so you don't need to settle for just one hair band seat cover set.


Those KISS Love Gun seats would be bad ass in my smart car!


You would need exactly the right vehicle for these to be ironic instead of sad.


@m261152: I would NEVER even place Rush and KISS in the same hemisphere, let alone the same graphic. In fact, I feel dirty for having them in the same sentence. Thanks.

Musical Talent > Makeup


These aren't that bad, assuming you own a late 70's/mid 80's Camaro or Firebird that's been "Almost done" for the last 7 years.


@miketay89: Oh. wow! I though it was buy 1 seat cover, get the other 1/2 price. Didn't realize it was for 2 sets....Oh, and I felt better when my 17 y.o. said he wouldn't be embarrassed if I had these in my car (well, as long as it's AC/DC, Motley Crue, Skynyrd, or Priest)! I done raised that boy right! :o)


It's not for "2" sets, the deal is Buy 1 Seat Cover, Get 1 Seat Cover for 50% Off. Also, you receive an additional 25% your entire cart with the WOOT25 code.


@zackschumann - You got the "Hemisphere" part right.


@wootcompare: I dont mean to get all mathematical on you, but 'buy one, get one 1/2 off' is the same as 25% off, isn't it?
Well, at least if you buy two it is.


Yes, especially if the car has the custom unfinished body work and primer spots with the rust showing through...SWEET! Maybe even throw in the Roadrunner cigar sticker on the left rear quarter panel.


@viciousspike: The reason places do buy 1 get 1 50% off is so that you HAVE to buy two items. Silly right?


These seat covers are very comfortable and contour my spandex almost perfectly!


These would go perfectly with a mullet.


These will make a great gift for the rock band collector - shout out to my Uncle Sean in Wichita...proud member of the KISS army! :P


My friends would die laughing at me. It's almost worth it for a gag.


Do they have a Buddy Holly for my rat rod?


This is just what I need to set off my van!....this and a beanbag in the back.
Maybe some chloroform for the chicks
(was that out loud?)


"Diary of a Madman" was the greatest album ever made!!

Why the hell would I want it on my car seat though?



Free Bird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So these will fit my 93 Taurus right?