deals100 piece driver bit set for $12.99 + freeā€¦


Harbor Freight sells it cheaper - $9.99

Sadly Sears has gone way down hill, they sell the same low quality Chinese crap as Harbor Freight now.
You Hear that SEARS!! I miss my lifetime warranty American made tools!


I just picked this same set up last night at Harbor Freight. They even have a coupon to make it $8.99 (woo).
And Sears still has lifetime warranties on some hand tools, they just like to play games with it.
But I still agree with you, they should step it up.


"Sold and Shipped by eToolscity"

You have to watch out for the stuff not actually FROM Sears.
I bought the set of drill bits
a month ago. They were from "Sears" too.
But sold and shipped by some other company. The drill bits actually bent when I tried to use them, as if they were made of spaghetti. Literally, the cheapest made item I have ever bought off of Woot or Deals.Woot.

Caveat Emptor

You'd probably be better off with the set from Harbor Freight.


I bought this same set at harbor freight a few years ago. Ago couple of the bits got bent out of shape after 1 or 2 uses. I ended up tossing it and eventually got the Craftsman set below and I've been using it for a couple years no problem. The Sears forever warranty is only for Craftsman branded stuff, not just anything at Sears.