dealstwo piece swimsuit, sizes xs to 2x for $59.99…


Is this even a deal? Something tells me no...


@mjlamb84: He/she is here doing Wooters a favor. How dare you question his/her deals.


@mjlamb84: Maybe that is why the model is so sad.


it's 99 bucks from Ujena
These things are expensive when you don't want Walmart quality


@mjlamb84: Don't question OhCheri's deals she might freak out on you!


@sonataofashes: That's not true at all. You're not paying for quality, it's all made in China by little kids. What you're paying for is the style. Since you can get essentially the same thing for half the price, in reality you're paying for the perception of quality and style. But if anything can separate a woman from her money, it's clothing (and shoes). Why? Researchers have been trying to find this answer for centuries and have found nothing. The world may never know.


@kev50027: Ujena swimsuits are made in Mountain View, California: