dealswalgreens 25 free prints + free desktop calendar


Potential for hilarious christmas gifts = Maximum.


40 the other day, 25 today.. this is great! :)


for me, the calendar has to be shipped, it can't be picked up @ the store. shipping is $5.99.


Does anyone know when this offer expires?


@ejcastillo: Right on the link: expires Saturday, November 5.


@erinaine: how do I know whether I can pick it up in store?

k87 k87

I think prints you can always pick up in store. for a calendar, I dunno -- I guess enter all the info and see if it gives you the option.


@k87: You asked, " how do I know whether I can pick it up in store?"
You have to go through the Walgreen site and see if a allows you to select a nearby location.


I ordered prints and picked them up at local store.
The desktop calendar program is not working -- for some reason I cannot populate calendar with photos from existing walgreens album.


Just a FYI:
Most CVS stores in LA don't do film anymore. They removed their processing systems this weekend, and it's now digital only.
There's a Costco, Target and a Walmart near me that still process film, but the minions behind the counter don't know for how long. CVS still sells the disposable cameras tho, they just can't process them. At all, nothing on site, no send out service.
I'll check out the Walgreens near me and I'll know more