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Still think Venger was one of the coolest/badest bad dudes ever.


Venger was awesome, and Peter Cullen is a fantastic voice-over artist.


I must admit, the cowardly Cavalier always pissed me off. But as a kid, I often daydreamed about wielding that energy bow...


Sho' nuff, chains101 is right -- $5.00 at Wally World.

In either case, the reviewers tell us that this is the Mill Creek version (compared to the original BCI release, the music content/quality is better, but the video quality is worse), and it's in a plain ol' DVD shell, not in the snaz 'old book' style packaging with the extra features and inset booklet.


Spoiler alert: Venger was the Dungeon Master's son! Search your feelings, you know it to be true.


Mine came up with a promotional code for the whole $6.97, so it was free with free 2 day prime shipping. Can't beat free.


If you could find it @ Big Lots it's $3


Perfect gag Christmas gift for certain friends. I just ordered three! :)


@rsnyc: Well, just cut off my hand and throw me into a ventilation shaft!


Warning, especially if you were very young when you first watched this: watching this again will ruin your childhood memory of this show. Just like watching every other 80's cartoon.