dealsstores office depot: free booklet of forever…


How big is this Free Booklet? If it's just 10 stamps. That's only a $4.60 value


@meckmeck: In the description it clearly states "20-ct. booklets", and cost $9.20 per booklet.


You can buy 9 books for 82.80 with free shipping and then add the code above for a free extra book.

If you are not buying stamps, try code 66649136 for $15 off $75 purchase. There are exclusions so this code will not work with the purchase example above. It seems to work if you are making other purchases.


You can not use stamps as the $75 minimum the are excluded from use with coupon.


@donimo1: Was able to use it yesterday early in the morning when I saw this posted. See my reply to misterron above.