dealsbrewer's best® equipment kit for $64.95


The cheapest shipping for this from was $13.98, making the total $78.93.

I'd much prefer the Northern Brewer starter kit (, at $79.99 + $7.99 shipping for all items. So, for a little more you're getting a beer brewing kit plus a chance to add a $25 Beer Extract Kit (Northern's Irish Red is pretty tasty, IMHO) at no additional shipping charge for a total of $113.97. Beer Making Starter Kit + Ready-To-Go Beer Recipe Kit = Happy Brewing!


@bigexxon: Our equipment kit still comes out cheaper then Northern Brewer, even with the shipping cost {which is actual cost of shipping calculated by courier).

But to make the offer more inciting to the beginner homebrewer, we have now added an automated 25% discount on any ingredients and recipe kits purchased along with the above equipment kit!

As a test we added the above kit, our Scottish Ale ingredient kit (normally $34) and with shipping came up to $108.58 :)