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i3 4GB ram with shared video memory for 750? you have got to be joking. I spent half that on a laptop with double the memory and processing speed and 50% larger HDD space. please tell me i'm missing something with that that justifies such a high price tag


i must be missing something... I3, 4g ram +100 gift card for $750. With those specs you should be able walk out any store for $350 on a normal day



glad to see im not the only one


isn't it obvious? it looks just like a mac airbook, and those are twice this price.


tech woot has a much better laptop today.


Its an "ultrabook". Meaning its super-small, super light and the case is made of solid metal (aluminum?). Its a pretty damn nice laptop if you don't need the latest and greatest in power. Go into a Best Buy and touch one, you'll see what I mean.

That being said, if I was in the market for a windows ultrabook, I wouldn't get this one. I'd get the newer version of this one that they have in the store now for $1,000. They have 128gb SSDs in them, full HD 1920x1080 screens, and I beleive i5s...

...I own a 15lb, 18" ASUS G74S gaming laptop, so clearly I'm not an ultrabook man. But I'm just saying, they're pretty damn nice...



only people buy macs is idiots and music/video companys.


The price tag is high because it's pretty. It also has a hybrid drive and it's lightweight, those are the selling points. It's meant to compete with the macbook garbage. Personally, I prefer function over form.


Sweet! An i3 at an i7 price!

In for 100! :D


Ultrabooks, for those of us who don't care what a computer can do but rather how it looks as while pretending to write poems in Starbucks.


What ever happened to the 3rd generation i3s?

You can buy 3rd generation i5's and i7's, but all the i3 powered devices are still 2nd generation.


@joevsyou: I'd give your comment more weight if it had proper spelling, capitalization, and grammar.