dealssuper talent pico-d 16gb usb 2.0 flash drive for…


Again, this code has been verified :)


I'm a big fan of these Pico drives. They're small and don't have any hinges or anything. I've easily stuck them on my keychain. The only downside is that if the drive isn't securely in the USB port, or is knocked slightly, the drive will disconnect suddenly and you'll lose the transfer.


At first I was unimpressed, until I saw the capacity.

16 GB for only $31? That's a great deal. For comparison, I bought a 4GB PNY flash drive with a similar design for around $20. I'm pretty tempted to snatch this one up...

As for the design, if it's anything like the ones I have (which it looks like it is), I love it. Things have a tendency to break in my pocket, such as the covers for flash thumb drives. These small, sturdy, metal-cased thumb drives do not :p


It's capless*, but it does swivel out of an enclosure. I prefer the fully case-less type, like Pico-C:

• Weight less than 6g
• Up to 30MB/s (200X) data transfer rate
• Fully compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1
• Water resistant
• Powered by USB bus - no external power is required
• Durable solid-state storage - 10 years data retention
• Hot Plug & Play – enable you to install and uninstall Pico anytime
• Supports ReadyBoost™
• PICO-A: Swivel
• PICO-B: Retractable
• PICO-C: Capless; rugged
* This model also comes in Nickel plating
* Special Limited Edition: 24k gold plated PICO-C
• PICO-D: Swivel
• PICO-E: Sliding Lid

Pico drives are available in capacities ranging from 2GB to 32GB.

Protected by US patents # 6,547,130; 7,257,714 and 7,103,684.