dealspour $20 for any gift card at coinstar, get $5 in…


I'm pretty sure this is only good when you get an Amazon gift card (not "any gift card" as stated in the subject line) - check the link (which takes you to Amazon). In any case, I rushed out with my piggy bank a couple of weeks ago and got my $5 mp3 code. Nice deal.


For peace of mind, when you go to use a Coinstar on the 23rd, it'll ask if you want to see special offers of the day, simply say yes and this $5 MP3 should display with the terms and conditions.


I did this yesterday, had over $40 in coins so I split them up into two $20 transactions and got two $5 codes. Entered both of them into my Amazon account as well as the codes from the coins without any problems.


I've never used coinstar before. Should it be all coins or the machines accept bills too?


@pouyan: My local Coinstar accepts bills as well as coins, although I've never tried using the feature.


After my bank (credit union) decided to start charging for using their coin machine, I did the Coinstar Amazon thing.

Worked out great, I got the full value of my CASH, and with the amount of stuff I Amazon a month, I quickly used it up.

$5 in MP3 is just gravy.


I successfully used this to get $70 in free mp3 credits and they all successfully applied to my Amazon account. '


@jonkamp: Wow! That's a whole lotta coins!


@jonkamp: Did you have to do them in $20 chunks or all at once?


@gleemer: I did them in $20 batches. There is a bank counter at my grocery store where the coinstar is so I had them change cash to quarters and ran them through. Since they were in rolls it made it easy to run through $20 transactions.