dealsthe walking dead: compendium one for $29.99


anyone know about this site?


I haven't even read it, but got it the time it was posted from the Amazon sale. The first chapter was great, worth it IMO.


@chrisgame: I've used the site for a few items in the past (over the past few months, at least). It's your standard "deal-a-day" site (not quite the juggernaut of, but all of the items are comic-nerdy. Totally trustworthy. Their volume isn't super-high, so oftentimes, their deals sell out only a few hours after they are released. Shipping speeds are not stellar, but they are within standard guidelines and expectations.


This isn't that great of a deal. A quick Google search shows it listed at several retailers for between $32 and $37 dollars. More like a 10%-15% discount than the 50% they claim.


Full retail is $59.99 so $29.99 is 50% off. The book is great and ends with one of the best/nastiest moments of the series. Any fan of the show will be pleasantly surprised.


@herrstarr: God chapter 48 is absolutely crazy. That, plus issues 15 and 33 contained by far the most disturbing (of many) images in this series for me. Honestly while the second half of the series has been entertaining (with its own unsettling images) none could compete with the sheer shock of those 3 moments.

Be wary of buying this if you're into the TV show. Even though the show diverges in major ways, there are certain huge plot points that will be spoiled by reading this.


to anyone who is interested, you can read the first issue here for free
should be enough to make you buy this.


Ive been wanting to get this for a while. Im holding out and hoping when they hit #100 they will release them all in a similar, but much larger, book.


I read a couple of the comics at the library after having them on hold for a month. This is really coo.


@jgarcia408: If they release it in a "much larger" book, you'll get a hernia just trying to lift that sucker ;) This is a BIG book!