dealsdiy mini salt water powered toy car for $3.99…


I tried to order this, but the site is either experiencing difficulty, or is just a bit scary... either way, I think I'll take my money elsewhere.


Meritline is an extremely trustworthy site. If you've never heard of them, you've been living under a rock.


@firebirdude: Actually, I have ordered a couple of things from them and it was all overpriced crap.
I had no problem with delivery. I got everything and got it in good time. It's just that it was all junk.


I'm in for 1.

I've had a mixed bag from Meritline. I've gotten some real gems, and some real junk. For the most part, it's been worth the risk.


Mertiline is a mixed bag. An occasional decent deal on a phone case/screen protector etc... but mainly junk. Not that junk can't be fun from time to time. Def. a safe site to order from as mentioned above.


I bought this car when on sale previously and wanted to warn others about the size. The box and photos make it seem like a larger car than it is. It is really about the size of a Hot Wheels car. It is great fun and worth the price for fun science experiments, but small scale. Lots of fun though.


I buy from Meritline all the time. Never got anything that was less than or different from promised. They have lots of cheap junk. It's junk, for cheap. With free shipping.