dealsusb digital microscope with high quality image…


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Anyone know who licensed this / the brand name, or any particular specs? Like: what's the magnification range? Does it come with slides? Oil? Specimen vials? Bueller? Any particular OS / platform for the software? Is the thing useful sans software — does it have an eyepiece? Gracias. and also: meh.


@23jess: i've found very similar device on buy(dot)com. Here is some data so you could look it up:
Manufacturer: AGPtek
Mfg Part#: iT7UPTC
Buy(dot)com Sku: 228401035

I ain't sure i can post links in here

yni yni

@23jess: I was curious about finding more detail on this as well. The product page does clearly list what's included:
What You Get:
• USB Digital Microscope
• USB Cable
• Stand
• Instructions
• Software CD
But no manufacturer or required specs... They show a Mac in the product image, is that supposed to indicate compatibility? The link mentioned above does not mention Mac as a supported platform. What appears to be the same item on Amazon has pretty bad reviews:


I bought this a while ago and I can give you my personal assurance that this thing is a piece of garbage. Don't bother worrying about mac compatibility because the only thing that could make this worse is connecting it to a mac.

Visit ebay and search for borescope. There are some good mics out there but this isn't one of them.


I saw this, and almost pulled the trigger on it, until I had the same thoughts: The image of the dollar bill appears no bigger than an average camera set to macro could do. There is no magnification setting on it, so no zoom. No brand name or picture of the package to check out specs. Pass.

I had a Microsoft one years ago that did up to 200X and I actually have a photo I took of a spiders' eye. Been looking for one for a while. Guess I'll keep looking.