dealsfuji finepix 14mp digital camera (new) for $59.99…


Anyone know much about this camera? I'm really tempted to buy it for my trip to Comic-Con.


This exact camera is $100 at Best Buy

Review wise, the similar T200, is not so good. Likewise, the T190 is middling too. A review of the similar T300 is also mixed.

Click here is the owner's manual (pdf).


@conanthelibrarian: I'm not sure what you're looking for in a camera for Comic-Con, but in this approximate price range with similar features, a friend has a Canon Powershot A1200, which is selling for $75 on amazon and $69.99 at Costco; the automated settings are great for an environment when you want to grab-and-click without evaluating light, etc. [I accidentally typed "grab-and-lick." Conan, if you're going to be doing a lot of licking at Comic-Con, please don't post pictures. :)] The video is of decent quality; I don't know much about battery life or what prints look like, but jpg files look fine on a computer. (I'm pretty new to deals, so I hope this is okay to post. I'm just trying to help!)


Actually, I think pics of onlickers are better than the cats that keep appearing in comments.


I pulled the trigger and bought it about an hour ago. Looking forward to testing it out before my trip.


@conan: Conan, I'm going to be at ComicCon on Saturday with lots of cameras around my neck; it's hard to miss me since I'm usually the oldest person in the room. Just look for a 56 year old grandmotherly woman with ID card of "EvilMama" with cameras and a big flash and I'll be happy to take your picture. I post them on Flickr afterwards. I do this for fun and don't charge....