dealsmunchkin for $14.90


This is a great price. I bought the game for $30. Its a good game...but $15 seems like a more legit price since you'll probably end up wanting expansion packs which are about $5 a piece.


@legendaryneo: Ain't that the truth! This'll be my forth set (Bites, Cluthlhu and Axe Cop) and I have a couple expansions too. Eats up the cash, but I do love this game so!


This is an amazing game, but be warned...never pick up a duck in a dungeon.


You should know better than to pick up a duck in a dungeon.


AHHhhh.. Plutonium Dragon!!!
(Regular (3 expansions); Booty; The Good , The Bad; Star;)


For a few dollars more, you can get the deluxe edition which turns it into more of a board game.

Deluxe is $19.49 at


@kenwoot: I love CSI, but their shipping rates are BRUTAL!


@sutcliffe: They do offer free shipping if the order is greater than $100. In general, their prices are better than amazon so it's worth ordering multiple games at once which makes it pretty easy to go over $100.


@kenwoot: Too true, but that requires me planning ahead of time. I'm not the best of that. Free Prime shipping allows me to be my impulsive self!


I played with friends last weekend and thanks to a couple of expansion packs ended up with a fire breathing, flying, turtle steed!

Definitely a great price for a fun game. But do make sure that the people you play with are aware that it's every person for themselves and no one should be upset when someone else pretty much stomps on them just because.


Just don't be that friend that has to read every card, every time. Nobody likes that guy.


@legendaryneo: Somewhere around $15 is the going rate.


The big advantage to this deal is that most board game retailers require a $100-$125 order to get free shipping.


I would also recommend paying the extra 5 bucks for the deluxe addition. It makes it so much easier to keep track of your levels. We've all played with tthat guy who seems to forget his level every other turn and that gets old quick...


@mytmex: I always keep a bunch of d10s in my box, so it never bothered me. Then again sometimes I forget not everyone just has spare gaming dice lying around!


If you don't want to buy the deluxe one and keep track of game pieces and so on....

There's an app for that.


Cheap way for level trackers, just go to Wawa or 7-11 and grab a big fist full of coffe stirs. @mytmex