dealsup to 60% off barefoot running shoes and moreā€¦


Well, the Fila Skeletoes are specifically marketed as NOT for running, but this is a good deal on the Vivo Barefoot shoes.


+ $7.95 shipping...

It's funny, my tipping point for these barefoot shoes is right around $55. I'm no barefoot runner, but I'd like a pair. I just don't really need one.



Anyone know how the Vivo Barefoot compare to the vibram fivefingers? (other than appearance)


They're a good bit different aside than catering to the same-ish market. True barefoot runners would say to just run BAREfoot, but hey, minimalist shoes, like these, Vibrams, True Gloves, etc., get you many of the pros (greater feedback, help you avoid heel-striking, allow toes to spread), avoid the cons a bit (possible punctures, not being allowed into places), yet they do present their own cons (not "utmost" feedback, hinders best development of ideal foot strike).

As for Vivo's quality, well IMHO it depends on the model. Up until a couple years ago sneakers would last me YEARS. Then I started doing crossfit. Regular Nikes and such would be torn to shreds in 2-3 months. Super cheap Feiyues have proven absolutely indestructible, yet are oh so ugly, plus have a dangerously convex sole. A pair of Vivo Ultra's started losing chunks on my very first use. Then I upgraded to the Evo and they've been holding up very well for about 5 months now and look extremely nice if that matters to you.


You can wear Vivo's with any casual clothes and if anything you'll get compliments wherever you go. As for Vibram's, they tend draw A LOT of atttention (good and bad), but sadly are mostly falling into the Crocs category of public disdain. Vibram's have the advantage in that your toes can spread out more naturally than in just about any enclosed shoe, but getting a perfect fit is a bit trickier, and in some extreme cases you may discover you need a different sized Vibram for each foot. Vibram's are also just about unrivaled in the thinness of their material giving you very very good feedback. Vivo's are excellent too, especially if you remove the insole, but they're still way shy of the Vibram level. Oh, one last difference... sweat! Vivo Evo's breathe exceptionally well, since they're basically a mesh-in-cage design, whereas Vibram's enclose your foot, or toes at least, in rubber. This doesn't affect grip, since they have nibs and such inside, but they can get funky smelling. HTH!


Ah...but you can easily wash the Vibrams - cold water, a little woolite, smell good again. While other shoes say they are washable, the Vibrams actually are.


I'd like to get a pair of Vivo's, but simply don't need them right now. Might need new running shoes next spring/summer and hopefully LeftLane will have similar sales when I need them.