dealssave 50% on our classic drawstring linen pants


the guy in the picture looks like a dufus.


Hey, that's me! What's a dufus? Is it bad?


Finally I can stop wearing my wife's capris and still look just as stupid. She will be so happy.


@mcbs: It's real bad if vinithehat can tell you're a dufus from a photo of you just from the waist down.
Oh ya,nice pants !


I couldn't find a size chart on their site for these, so I chatted at cust support:

Me: I'm looking at the linen drawstring pants:,default,pd.html. Please translate the sizes, S, M, L, XL, to conventional men's waist sizes.
Lynn S: Small - 28-30
Lynn S: Medium 32-34
Lynn S: Large 36-38
Lynn S: XL 40-42

Comments on the site say they run large, but then shrink quite a bit, and suggest you wash and dry before hemming.


Guaranteed 100% wrinkle free... as long as you don't sit or move around in them.


Anybody else miss Bonobo (and their tangerine pants)? I think we might have hurt their feelings.