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sold at dollar tree for $1 ea


they're cheap because nobody wants a glass shaped like a can...


I don't drink Coke but I think the glasses are cute :)


Yeah - I was also going to say, you can go to the Christmas Tree Shops and get them $1/ea also.


Sold on the green tint look. Plus I'm not driving around looking for dollar trees to save $1 (net of tax).


i just use a can opener to cut the top off of the can. and no i don't do it in a way that would cut my mouth.


@cmatsaki2: But you can always find lots of other useful stuff, holiday decorations, 2/$1 greeting cards, and cheap snacks at Dollar Trees. I go in for poster board and end up spending $30.


Eh. :l Normally make mini gift baskets around the holidays with these. They're very-very fragile.


@donslin: Yeah, I go to Dollar Tree more often than I go to the supermarket. Disposable dishware, zip bags, food storage containers, closet organizers, small bungee cords, gift wrap, picture frames, home office supplies, arts and craft supplies, movie theater candy (some of it very retro)... it's the most useful store on my list.


I have a Coke collection theme for part of my kitchen, and I've been looking for these. I have the regular glasses, but the can shaped ones are unique. I've been to the Dollar Stores around me looking for them and none of them stock the can shaped glass. Good deal for me.

ALSO: If you care, save 5% off on the order using code ' loyal5 ' or ' JAN5OFF '.


@moondrake: You know some of the stuff in Dollar Tree is actually like .89 or .79 elsewhere right?

Like I used to get a certain energy drink there, but I found Big Lots usually has it for .79. Makes a difference when you're stocking up. RIP IT!


@johnt007871: There are few Dollar Tree items I have found cheaper elsewhere. But usually not enough savings to go to a different store for. I don;t just go there for the savings, although it is nice to shop someplace where I can buy anything I want without mulling over the expense. I like it because it has such a wide variety of useful items in a comparatively small store.


@cmatsaki2: "driving around looking for Dollar Trees"? Have you heard of the Internet? Judging by the up-votes, more than a few people are glad someone mentioned these are $1 there.


Can never have too many coke glasses.


While they may be cheaper at a Dollar Tree, the question is if you are close to one and if they carry them. I happen to work near a Dollar Tree 45 minutes away from where I live, and I'm even luckier to have 3 Dollar Tree stores within 7 miles (15 minutes) of my house. I have never seen this style Coke glass at any of them (yet), and the Coke glasses (the regular bell shape) we did get from them broke within a couple uses (being washed or just placed into the sink!). The bell shape Coke glasses I've bought elsewhere have yet to break (unless we dropped them). I wonder if the quality is the same.


@baybei: I'm pretty sure people would understand that if they didn't have a Dollar Tree nearby then there's wouldn't be a better deal for them.
I believe the post was just to inform anybody was was interested in the glasses---and might even be going to a Dollar Tree or who happened to be very close to one---a better price might be possible.
I'm pretty sure the original poster wasn't demanding that you or anybody else go to Dollar Tree for them, or even buy them at all.
I believe most of the deals posted here are meant simply to inform of what is out there that you might be interested in and not be aware of. Obviously, if you aren't interested, or the deal doesn't work for you, then you are free to ignore it.
Again, just to be clear---you are not REQUIRED to buy the glasses at Dollar Tree--or to buy them at all.


Actually, this is the cost to buy the world a coke (in 2011 dollars):

Which, incidentally, is less than Coke's annual marketing budget


christmas tree shop has these for 99 cents in both green and clear.


What I was saying is, while Dollar Tree may have them, not everyone would have access to them. I know none of my Dollar Trees have these, or they didn't the last time I walked around one.

My biggest concern would be the quality. After having several Coke glasses from The Dollar Tree shatter into a million pieces while trying to clean them or placing them into a sink (which is NO FUN!), I don't know if their quality is as good as the ones you could get elsewhere. That was my main point. In fact, I'm not even sure the ones from the offer are any kind of good quality, seeing someone posted that they are very very fragile scares me. The most I would buy these for was to put them in a collection (if that). Shattered glass in your sink/hand is no fun, and even in a collection you'd have to clean them occasionaly.


@baybei: They'd make kind of cool window planters for herbs, it you were into that retro thing.


Purchased these this morning. Paid via paypal. Since 9am this morning I've had a couple thousand dollars in fraudulent transactions on my card attached to my paypal account. Apparently they need to do some security checks on their website.

Needless to say I had a bad shopping experience with this website and would NOT recommend it.


@stantonl33: Do you you anti-malware, keep it up to date, and scan regularly? I suspect PayPal related malware more than the dealgenius website.