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I have purchased 4 of these guitar combos, yes four. These guitars are made in China and some do have issues. When these are made some of the manufacturing detail is left out, for instance frets not filed at edges leaving small gaps or burs strings get hung up on or that is uncomfortable on fingers. With a small fine file flat file and some care you can eliminate this. The Retro Fire Guitar has adjustable action where you should be able to eliminate string buzz. The Amplifier is source of noise but the kids seem to like that, all I can say it works. The guitar to amp cable is very cheap. The tuners have an issue with the tuning of the "A" string. (better to tune by ear) after others are close. one of the tuning keys have some play on the "B" string which makes tuning a little difficult. Its a guitar, it tunes, it plays, it works. If you don't expect a quality guitar you may be happy, I think it is better then some other starter combos you can purchase elsewhere.


Well, all this debate finally convinced me to get one of these. I guess I'll find out how bad (or good) they really are.

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Peavey Rockmaster Starter Guitar
Peavey 15 watt practice amp
Tenacious D replica pick of the Pick of Destiny
Snarling Dogs Wah Pedal


@thedogma: it's not rock'n roll if you ain't breaking the law, breaking the law.


Yes, tuners are replaceable. I have replaced tuners on my Fender Bullet Strat, and it stays in tune really well. Some folks like to tinker, and I think these guitars are perfect for someone who isn't afraid to set up their own stuff. Honestly, I doubt that anyone criticizing these has ever played one.

Here is a link to some more reviews:

Budget guitars really pull out the ire of some folks, but I guess it is like any area of interest. Some feel that if you don't spend sufficient money, and/or buy the right brand at the right place, that you are making a big mistake.


If it won't stay in tune, you can probably get a better set of tuners from ebay for cheap. That should solve the problem, no?


You hear all the same negativity about all inexpensive instruments. As a horn player, I can play anything in my repertoire on the bright blue $40 trumpet Amazon sells just as well as I can on the near-priceless family heirloom I use in concert. Does it sound as good? No. Is it still the same piece? Yes.

If you're familiar with music, there's no harm in playing a slightly frustrating instrument like these. For a rank amateur who doesn't get why it sounds "wrong," it could definitely be discouraging.

Let's be honest though. The great majority of people that think they want to play guitar pick it up for all of a day, get annoyed they aren't instantly awesome, complain of sore fingers, and throw the thing in a closet. $54 is the perfect price point for that route.


@squirrelhunter70: Oh, I understand that, but I'm also talking a matter a few days (I received it Monday, Dec. 17) since first being tuned. Sorry I didn't make that disclaimer in my original post. Admittedly, it's possible I may pick it up tonight and it be out of tune. People are talking like they're having tuning issues every time it's picked up, and I'm not doubting that, but I haven't.


@aedwards13: It's very unlikely that the guitar hasn't gone out of tune ever since you got the guitar. As strings get played and age, they stretch out (or if it's cold out, they shrink). No matter what guitar you have, you'll have to re-tune every now and then. The issue isn't having to re-tune, the issue is having to re-tune often because your guitar will not stay in tune.


@caffeine_dude: Regulations, man. You can't burn anything on stage anymore.

A drunk guy catches fire ONE time...


FYI My 15yr old wanted a guitar and Wooters insisted do not buy the cheap one, so I gave a $300 guitar to a 15 year old that wanted one so bad.
So 10 months of gathering dust in his room I confiscated it to use on Rocksmith. Rocksmith has 2 player mode perhaps my 13 year old would like to play 2 player with the $50 one.

Now that I think about it I could have got the $50 guitar to gather dust in his room, naw I am sure the $300 guitar gathers dust much better then the $50 guitar.


@offline999: My bet is if you got yours from sears back then it was a "Silvertone" brand guitar. You are right, they were not really all that great but here is what is really bad about what is being sold here. That Silvertone, if it was one, came out of the box much, much, better than this thing. So, you could have done worse. You could have had something like this. BTW, I had a Silvertone myself. The case served as an amplifier also. Not much at sound but it would stay in tune.



You would be doing the 15 year old a disservice as he would be training on junk. Kind of like giving a young person that is 'thinking' about entering track, a pair of defective running shoes that won't stay on his/her feet.


I've been around guitars for 10 years or so, but never actually learned how to play. So, I bought one of the purple Rockmasters to play along with Rocksmith on the Xbox 360 and I'm completely satisfied. I know none of these guitars are for a stage, I get that, but if you're wanting to learn, these are great to start; especially if you don't have a lot of money or don't want to spend a lot of money on something you're not sure you're going to stick with.

The amp IS crap, though, and I knew it was going to be. I used it for a second to make sure the guitar worked out of the box.

If you want a cheap starting point, buy one of these, but don't be fooled into thinking that you're getting a great guitar for a cheap price.

ALSO: The guitar has not come out of tune once since I opened it and started playing it. Others may have issues with this, but I have not.


I got this bundle from BestBuy a while back for $50 to use with Rocksmith. Seems to work fine although I do have to re-tune it every now and then. The E-string always seems to be a little flat though no matter what I do.


@kle11az: As someone who had to learn on the Sears catalog guitar I got for Christmas in 1976 I can't stress enough how frustrating it was, as a beginner, to struggle with an inferior instrument. If you think the 15 year-old is serious about learning the guitar, do her the favor of getting her a "good" one (it doesn't have to be "great")
On the other hand...if you're hoping to encourage her to stay in school, go to college, get a good job and have a profitable career then maybe this is just the instrument to "discourage" her rock-star ambitions.


@kle11az: I'm not familiar with the Rocksmith game so I'm not sure but if you'd have to tune it after every song I could see that getting annoying fairly quickly.

On the other could make a great sacrifice to the guitar gods as a smash & burn. The last guitar I sacrificed, my band mates and I did it at night and took some amazing low-light pictures of us "playing" the flaming guitar with blurry streaks of flame as we flailed around.


What about as a training guitar for a 15 year old girl who's never played?


@offline999: What about as a game controller for Rocksmith?
I get the 'fact' that if I were to buy this to go on stage or learn guitar, that I would be better off getting some rubber bands and a cardboard box with my PC mic, or fishing string, a block of wood and an PC mic would be twice as good, or dental floss and my teeth, but it seems like a good choice for a game controller.

@thedogma: Yes, I understand that playing this thing is totally out of the question but smashing it, why not burn it?

Can anyone comment on the Rocksmith and Rockmaster combo?


@charliecarroll: As a guitar player for 35 years now (and a professional musician for 12 of those years)...I wholehearted agree with charliecarrol.
A guitar (or any instrument for that matter) that won't stay in tune is essentially worthless. If you're a beginner to the guitar it's even more vital that you have one that will stay in tune. As you're training your ear to recognize the notes it's critical that what you're playing be in tune so you establish the foundations that will carry you throughout your musical journey.
If you're considering this yourself a favor...go to the local music store where every you live and buy yourself the best used guitar you can afford. Your band mates will thank you for it.


What if I were to add this as a 2nd guitar for the game Rocksmith? Keeping in tune is not an issue as you are required to check you tune before every song.


@englishchannel: Great that you linked this review. Just last week a few of us were trying to make wooters aware of the pitfalls in buying this crap. One of the things we all mentioned were tuning issues. If you can not get a proper tune or keep one in tune they are useless. Notice the guy states it has those issues and has since brand new. This thing is only good for wall art and not really all that much for that either.

Do yourself a favor and put just a little more money up front and get something that you can really play and enjoy. Go up a notch new or used.


Ever wanted a guitar you could smash on stage without feeling bad? Now's your chance!