dealssave 50% on select phoenix down pillows


I saw this and thought Final Fantasy for some reason..
Think the pillow can use one on you if needed?


@blazesenpai: Sure, go fight Emerald Weapon. The pillow's got your back.


In other news, I got a pair of these last time, and I'm pretty happy with them. I haven't had any feathers come out, and they don't poke me in the face. They do get a bit flattened after a few nights, but a little tough love fixes them right up. However, I got them at (I think) 90% off, this deal isn't great.


Is there a trick to fluffing these down pillows? I bought another style from this company months ago and they were flat in a week or two. I was pretty disappointed but I figure there might be a trick to make them like they were initially.


Wouldn't Phoenix Down be uncomfortably hot?


There's a limit of 99 down in each pillow.


They should put a disclaimer that these don't work in cutscenes.