dealssony 24" 1080p 240hz 3d monitor for $159.99…


I keep being taunted by these sales on this product :-(

I wish the reliability record was better on these displays.

Does anyone know if the sony extended plan continues even if they need to replace a broken unit? I know when I was looking into this at bestbuy when they replace it you loose your extended warranty on replacement.


@hobsona: I asked the same question when I bought mines 3 months ago and it does continue even if they replace the defective unit. It just does not cover accidental damages. The Sony extended service plan runs concurrent with your 1 year factory warranty (not added as additional years). And if you are looking for a warranty with accidental coverage try (similar to best buy's policy, after you use it, the warranty is done).

So far my monitor and a couple of my buddies' has been running fine. I use the supplied HDMI 1.4 cable and have this monitor hooked up to a UPS Surge Protector and keep it in a cool, well ventilated area; same set up as my PS3.


@hobsona: I too have always had a problem with every sony screen i have come in contact with. From the Mylo screens to laptop screens to Sony TV's. all have gone bad within 2 years just after warranty.

But this is a very tempting deal. For what you get for that price, its excellent (minus the brand).


I have one of these & like it, but there are some issues. Every so often the screen will go blank for 2-5 seconds. I had mine replaced once by sony and then it continued to happen with the new one. I was told that it didnt have enough ventilation. Then I was told the monitor is going blank due to interference from other devices likes my wireless router and wireless keyboard and mouse. ok.

I decided to give it a shot & follow supports advice. I moved the monitor to a very impracticable location, the middle of my kitchen table. I only connected my PS3 & started playing Uncharted 3. A half hour later the screen goes black again. So to me its just a hardware or software problem, that others experience.

Second thing is when Im playing games, whether it be on my PC, PS3, or 360, there is some pretty bad ghosting. Its to a point where Im almost ready to sell my monitor. For some reason I cant find this issue mentioned online, but with both monitors Ive had, its very noticeable.


Last time I checked, Sony's butt-buddies with the RIAA. They support very restrictive legislation regarding DRM. They also supported measures like SOPA & PIPA, but "withdrew their support" after they discovered it wasn't the popular thing to do.

As if that makes a difference now. It's obvious where their hearts are. They do not care about you, or your rights. Why should you buy their crappy monitors?

Not saying to cut off your nose to spite your face...I still buy music & find out it's under a Sony label. But this is a monitor, people. And it's not at a much better price than monitors from other, better companies. Sony is quietly screwing you over...please, don't give them your money. They don't deserve it.


Out of stock now, took too much time weighing the great price vs. the bad reviews.