dealsnew iphone 5c cases starting from $0.95 + s&h


I'm guessing that this will also fit the 5 and 5S given that there should be no size difference. I would think that someone would want to hide the color since the 5C is the cheaper option but to each their own.


@wisenekt: the iphone 5 and iphone 5s are the same size, but the iphone 5c is a little larger so the cases wont fit, if you have the iphone 5 and just moving up to the 5s your old case will still fit.


@iamheretowinp: Well I suppose they have to make money somehow. Thanks for the dropping of knowledge.


@wisenekt: So are you saying if I choose to save some money by getting the C I should be embarrassed that someone might know? Can you say snob?


@minkeygirl7: Relax, it was a tongue in cheek comment to those people that think people that buy Apple products are elitists anyways.