dealsblue diamond almonds 2 - 6oz cans for $3.00


Just got an email that my order was cancelled due to all being out of stock :-/


It looks like only Lime 'n Chili and Natural are left


@emphyrio: This isn't some trick. It's not even the cheapest these go for. The sale is usually 3/$5 and the 16 oz bags for $4.99.

Still a good deal and I ordered, but I couldn't get the BLUEDIAMOND code to apply.


I have ordered from Walgreens several times and I have never had a problem. As this deal is included in the weekly ad, I don't see it as being a price mistake where they would then cancel orders.


How do we know they won't just cancel our orders? Sorry, still a little bitter from the $0.25 11x14 poster fiasco.


I sure wish Salt & Vinegar was included. I swear I could live on those


@qft: Coupon code "BLUEDIAMOND" cuts them to $27.


I just checked and their Wonderful pistachios are on sale for $4.49 (use code wonderful50 to make it $3.99) add some to help with the free shipping for spending $25

Limit 3 - 16 oz bags of pistachios


If you buy 18 (maximum 2 of any single flavor) it comes out to under $30 for 18 cans, with free shipping. This is probably the best way of doing it.

qft qft

Need to order a lot of almonds or you'll pay a lot in shipping.

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