deals$700 off treadclimber tc10 plus free shipping


I was curious about the actual numbers, so here you go:

Pre-code price is $2200 + $200 shipping. Total shipped with code = $1500. Still a bit steep for me, but significant savings indeed.

Something's wrong with their landing page right now, but I was able to get to the tc10 on their site ( and add the deal4 code manually.


Link goes to TC20 which is $3200

Think I will just use my sidewalk and mother nature


I didn't bother to check the price when I saw $700 off. I knew it would be overpriced.

Guess I'm stuck walking up and down the stairs without the mechanical device.


@sportyrider: I know, right?

$700 OFF of something to let your legs go up and down, and it still costs money?



@superllama7: Do you know if this coupon code is still in play? I typed it in and hit apply, but the price did not change.


@chresther: this was a pre-xmas deal, long dead now