dealswizard's first rule by terry goodkind for $1.99


@d3monsw3at: I loved this book too. And I feel the need to add my $.02 here as well.

From what I understand, this book was intended to be a stand-alone work. As a stand-alone work, it is amazing. It was so amazing that it got turned into a series.
And, like many movie sequels, it went downhill. (This is my opinion.) Things stopped hanging together as well, the books went off in some truly questionable directions, etc.

I went from buying the new books in hardcover the day they came out, to reading them from the library, to finally giving my collection away to a friend who had just gotten into the series, with a warning.

So, I have really mixed feelings about the book, even at $1.99. And, this is just my opinion, so (like everything else on teh interwebs) take it with a grain of salt. FWIW, I felt the same way about Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series.


I'm currently on book six of the series. This one is weird... Rest of them i've enjoyed.

They get a little... tedious at times. One of the books (I don't remember which) took until about 75% through (Reading digital copy on Kindle) before everything finally started making sense. Took me 3 weeks to read 75%, 1 day to read 25%.


The first book is great. The next several are okay. Run from the last two.


The problem is that by the 4th book, you'll hate the main characters, but love the supporting ones. Richard and Kahlan get nothing but more annoying, but Zed, Cara, and Nathan just get better and better. I thoroughly enjoyed this and the 6th book (Faith of the Fallen). The rest are take-it-or-leave it. The first quarter of the final book was fun, even if the rest of it was thinly veiled anti-Christian drivel.


@bogie21: The feeling about several books in the series (especially book 6) losing focus is pretty consistent with other fans of the series. With that said, I own and enjoyed all the books and book one was especially engaging.

@75grandville: You're right, it's an amazing stand-alone work and a great ice-breaker into a long running series. I agree that I wasn't as impressed with some of the books in the series as I was with this one.

On the other hand, I do not think it went down hill in the same way that the Wheel of Time series did. Goodkind's writing style is very consistent. I think Jordan's work started out very similar and started to diverge after the first few books... Jordan's writing style changed (to the detriment of the series, in my opinion) such that he made the books longer by describing minutia in excruciating detail - tassels on rugs and fringe on dresses - It made it unreadable to me. Goodkind pretty consistently stays with the action and doesn't get lost.


@liquidblue1: Jordan just go sooooo detailed.

When you need an index of characters in the back of the books to keep track of who they are, you're doing something wrong. Plus a lot of the characters showed up and disappeared for a very long time (or altogether).


I bought this today, and am looking forward to reading it.


If you're new to the series (like I am), the next book is free for kindle. So, two books for $2 and you should know by then if you will like the series :)


Agreed with people who say te first book is great. The next 2 or 3 are good too. But stop there. The rest made no sense, the hero gets more overpowered than Goku, and the sex gives me the skeevies. And I watch porn on the Internet!


@chandin: Hey sex is a normal part of life, and actually has a large part in the storyline, which makes it a great adult book.


@chandin: Totally agree about the sex scenes in this series. And, although I enjoyed the books overall, each one had at least one scene of torture/murder/whatever that gave me the screaming meanies. I came to expect it in each book, but never quite knew when or where it would show up.


This book series is bad and the author should feel bad.

Starts off pretty interesting but just devolves into a bunch of awkward rape fantasy.

This book is ok, but just stop after finishing it. Act like there are no sequels.


@75grandville: I can definitely see why you'd feel that way with some of the middle books in the series, but I've read the entire series now and it definitely, definitely gets better. Some of my favorite books are towards the end of the series.


I wonder if a lot of people saying stop after book two got past book six. Six is a potential series killer. I had a lot of trouble getting through it because all of the main characters are essentially abandoned while a few new characters take the focus of the book. That said, once you get through that, the series begins to go rapidly up hill again.

In my opinion, some of the best books are towards the end of the series; better even then the first few books.