dealshisense 50" led-lcd hdtv / 50k360g / scratch…


Heck of a deal. I just wish I could see the extent of the defects first...


From their website:
We call our TVs "Scratch & Dent" because they may include various cosmetic defects: screen scratches, dead pixels, lines, or repainted cabinets. Please note that these are not "refurbished" TVs, and we can't detail individual defects for each TV. Using a little industry lingo, these TVs are called "C stock" units.
We do allow returns (within 90 days of order date) on defective "Scratch & Dent" and Refurbished TVs. A defective TV simply does not function properly: the volume doesn't work, the set doesn't turn on, etc. "Defective" does not include any of the cosmetic defects described above.

Seems like a good deal but this is how they describe "Scratch & Dent" and their return policy. So, if I am understanding correctly, half the screen can not work and they still will not accept a return from you. Has anyone bought a tv from them before?


If the deal is too good to be true....

There is a reason it's such a Heck of a deal. They need to unload these beat up units.

(likely display models that have been handled more than Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian combined)

Leaving Lohan out because she doesn't even work any more.


@indetrucks: shes preggers now, too.

anyways... HELL of a deal if it werent for the dead pixel possibility... I can deal with/fix the other issues if they were bad enough to bother me. dead pixels though...usually a sign that more are to come and not so easy to ignore, and cant fix.


"C" stock usually refers to monitors with scratches ON the screen, as apposed to just on the bezel which would be "B" stock. (A stock usually refers to models simply sold as refurbished)

I would avoid these for primary use. probably perfect for a bar or a garage however.


What does "LED-LCD" mean?


I've bought from them. They are actually a repair shop. They buy damaged electronics and sell the good parts basically. Every so often they have enough parts to refurb and make a good product.

The products I purchased are good, but they are bad cosmetically. I mean really deep scratches or like someone keyed the product. It always worked great, but it was a bit much cosmetically. It would have to be a good deal for me to buy from them.

As I said, it worked great, but it was a lot of surface scratches and dents. I don't know about the pixel issues.


@zkrieger: You are correct 100%, ShopJimmy products are perfect for garage or other places as such where cosmetics don't matter at all.


I would take the chance, but shipping to FL probably kills the deal


@jrhusc: Usually that it is backlit around the edges with LEDs while still being an LCD...I think.


@tristicus: Partially correct. Doesnt mean its edge-lit, just means its lit by LEDs. Some use edge-lighting, some use zones of LEDs, etc. LED-LCD is the same as a TV just listed as LED


I took a chance and ordered one of these. My tv arrived today and I am pleasantly surprised. There are a few small scratches on the plastic frame but overall it looks perfect! There are no noticable scratches on the screen and no pixels out. The picture is great. If you buy one I hope you get lucky like I did.


@mrsmactomball: Hey, did you get their $50, 2-year warranty?
I ordered mine yesterday, but decided against the warranty until I can see what the tv looks like.....If they even allow that.
Ok, crossing my fingers...... Thanks for your comment.


Well, there out of stock.
I wanted to comment anyways, as the have different sizes of scratch an dent of the same company and others still in stock. They get them in all the time, so more might be available someday.
My 50" came in today. Everything great, except that it has two light, 3 inch scratches, dead center in the screen. They are noticeable when the tv is off, but not otherwise....Well, maybe a little in direct sunlight.
Ok, I'm satisfied. Thank you shopjimmy....
Next, power consumption test.


@polysorbate: didnt get the warranty, figured I was taking my chances with or without - they cover the first year


Got mine this morning...perfect condition. No dead pixels or scratches. This was a steal.