dealslittle big planet 2 special edition for…


It should be mentioned that with the Playstation Plus sale, this title along with 11 other games are available free. I cannot clarify if the Special Edition content is there, but with all the specials going alongside PS+ almost weekly I can't imagine a discount on all add-on content will happen sooner or later.

This is still a decent deal considering the price normally. But with the PS+ special going on, I can't see this being the lowest price one will find this title for in the coming weeks!


@the4thnobleman: I wouldn't exactly consider a game available on PS+ as free. PS+ is about $50 a year and you lose access to the games if you let your membership expire. That sounds like a rental to me. And is there a connection between the PS+ price and the disc price? PS gave everyone free copies of LBP 1, as long as you claimed it when it was available, as an apology for shutting down their site and letting our account info get stolen. I believe it's free on PS+ too and the disc still costs about $20 now.


No wonder it's sold out right now. $19.99 is a really good deal right now for this game. Amazon has it for about $25, which I believe is the next best price.